1. Product Page

In product page, you can:

  • Choose "Custom Color" and fill in "Color #" if your color is not listed. For Color #, please check our Color Swatch.
  • Choose "Custom Size" and fill in Size fields if your size is not standard one. For how to measure, please check our Measurement Guide.
  • Add your favorite product to wishlist and buy later. It is recommended that you register an account to save wishlisted items forever.
  • Some colors & sizes can be shipped out in 48hrs. Please check inventory info in product description.
  • Some colors have been matched with our color swatch. You can check this info at product description for an accurate color data.
  • You can find a "Buy at Amazon" if a product is listed at Amazon.com.
  • In the page bottom, you can change "language".
  • Click the "Message us" button to chat with us.

The following image is the mobile view for the product page.


 If you decide to buy, please click "Add to Cart" button.

2. Cart Page

If you have any special request, please add at cart "Note". Please note some special requests can be applied if you don't contact us before placing order.
Then click "Proceed to Checkout" button to next step.

3. Checkout

Pay with paypal or credit cards.

Note: if you have a coupon code, please use it in checkout page.

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